2 Aralık 2008 Salı

ramadan, take us to the mosque!

mustafa burak sezer

ya rabbi*, too many sin, too many blunder we’ve made, please forgive!

ya rabbi, all year we’ve cut women, but didn’t kill

ya rabbi, you’re merciful, most gracious, please forgive!

ya rabbi, your fellows are our fellows too

don’t let us to go into that special garden with filthy smells, ya rahmetel alemin!

we’ve washed our mouths and coming with one-hundred-eighty km per hour

all hamds and senas are for you and greetings for your beloved one

lebbeyk lebbeyk lebbeyk ya rab our hands are open

we’ve covered transparent spots of ours, we shall close pubs too ya rabbi

these undignified morons giving us nothing, so we’ve turned our backs against your-

wastrel slaves, against this corrupted, crazy world

only you ya rabbi give us what is good for us

we ask only from you and only return to you

ya rabbi, take us to the halilullah, drop us on the road of kaaba

ya rabbi, i’ve turned my face from all evil things which over 18 years old

turn my face towards your path, like a partridge i’m coming by skittering

please forgive us for all those hanky-panky things we did!

ya rabbi, we don’t have face, money, wife, scholarship, and intention to die

too many trouble, enemy, flub and fuss we have

protect us from harm and bring closer to goodness

don’t blow up our tires ya rabbi

don’t blow up our tires ya rabbi

don’t blow up our tires ya rabbi

make our chests full with iman

don’t examine us with monica bellucis ya rabbi

we’re out of way when we see women ya rabbi

meet us with your fellows ya rabbi

send us dervishes and let us go to them

is kemal dervish, ya rabbi?

ya habibi ya aynel yakin, ya kulubel elbab

everybody is in the cart, don’t let us be ya rabbi!

don’t bother us with freaks ya rabbi

don’t bother us with hottiri pottiriks ya rabbi

don’t examine us with zottiriks1 ya rabbi!

ya hannan, ya mennan, sebbit kulubune alel iman

don’t slip our feet into the pits of hell ya rabbi

vel basu badel mevt that we believed; grant us to give our last breaths alel iman

hu hu hu hu hu ya allah ya zül celali vel ikram
we’re praying our salats warped, make us pray straight

shake kuffars’s chests with our azans ya rabbi

let us our poetry fills the kuffars’ vacancy ya rabbi

they say, “my friend there is a vacant place, fill vacancy” they ask too much ya rabbi

we also ask too many things, let us wish only sooth ya rabbi

don’t slip us to the path of chicks ya rabbi

whoever eat their toast, let them be, we want to drink el-kevser in jannah

with drinking your wine of love, make us nuts ya rabbi

o, who doesn’t able to control power but you, o, who created universes from the nothingness

o, rabb of drunks, tramps, chickens, vagabonds, paralyzed ones, crooked ones, non-believers too, o allah!

o allah, you turn black hearts towards light, if you wished

you know where’s iman, with whom, o sultan of universes

o, who is able to turn european union, america, russia, israel into the dust

el kahhar, el celal, el hakim, el adil-i mutlak
allahuekber ve lilla ilhamd

allah is the greatest and all praises for him

hosanna is only for you

every nefs2 will be in cart, amenna ve saddekna

don’t bother us with our selves ya rabbi!

we’re giving a big war, everywhere full of konkon, ultra pits of sin

everywhere beans, everywhere abusers, everywhere panic drab

our homes ruined, our hearts ruined, our pockets ruined

don’t ruin us hereafter ya rabbi

allah bes baki heves, amentü yarabbi
amentü billahi ve melaiketihi ve kütübihi ve rusulihi vel yevmil ahiri ve bil kaderi hayriyi ve şerrihi minellahi taela
vel basü badel mevt
eşhedü enla ilahe illallah
ve eşhedü enne muhammeden abduhü ve resuluhü

amentu ya rabbi infinite times amentu

when we shut down don’t collapse our hard disks ya rabbi

ramadan has arrived, welcomed

come to our homes ya rabbi

we’re coming too ya rabbi

august 2008 / istanbul

*o, dear god!

1- hottiri, pottiri, zottiriks have no meanings in sense. it’s just like edward lear’s nonsense inventions in poetry.

2- self, living being